5 Truths to Help You SURPASS this year!

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SURPASS- transitive verb

  1. to become better, greater, or stronger than: exceed- surpassed her rivals; surpassed all expectations
  2. to go beyond: overstep
  3. to transcend the reach, capacity or powers of; a beauty that surpasses description

I’m Michelle Winterburn. It took me many years to own the unique, authentic me that had been buried deep within, waiting to be found and given voice.

I was the kid who always felt different. I never had that safe place for people told me how great I was. I developed a major distrust for authority while I was rebelling and forging my own path, working hard to fight for what I wanted and knew was right. I was also deeply sad inside because even though I didn’t trust others I also didn’t trust myself.

I was always moving so no one would’ve guessed I was so stuck on the inside because those early messages about all the ways I was falling short were still going in my mind. I was the Black sheep and no one would’ve ever said I was trying to fit in, yet, deep down I was so seeking my family’s approval.

It wasn’t until I became pregnant that everything had to change. I wanted more for my son than my parents were for me. I became committed to my own growth. I was ready to become the woman I could feel I was meant to be. I’d like to say it was a walk in the park but I’ve spent years peeling back the layers and it’s high time to share what I’ve learned about shifting my lens with others.

I can finally breathe. Everything has shifted into place for me now with an ease and grace that I never imagined possible and I want that for you.

I know how challenging life can be when you were not living in your strength.

I know how difficult it can be to identify those deeply rooted beliefs that restrict true growth.

I know what it’s like to create an entirely new mindset that will allow you to finally flourish, living the life you were always meant to live.

Transforming an entire life is a process, one that is best achieved with a clear plan and a solid foundation of support alongside of you.

I work with women who know they are not yet living the life they know they are meant to live. Women who are ready to step through the fear and create the life of their dreams, on their terms.

I work with women who are ready to SURPASS all expectations, including their own!