Focus on the light
The Word wants to be written
After the storm
Dream a beautiful dream
Heaven sent
What you want, wants you

Those beautiful words are my egg.  The layout of Sacred Rebels Oracle cards for creative inspiration and new life.  This divine, intuitive spread was pulled to help guide me into this next lunar phase, into manifesting with our coming full moon, the joining of Uranus and Aries. The joining of Uranus and Aries has many positive aspects, but most significantly for me, it also symbolizes trauma survival of the previous 7-year cycle.

Survival in the lunar cycle and thriving in my cards, accessible only with finally embodying the key…loving myself enough to let my gifts flow.

It has been a long 7 years with so many twists, turns, ups and downs, things I never would have predicted, things I should have predicted and lessons I will never unlearn.  It has been a time of absolute joy and horrendous pain, massive growth and uplevelling and dark steps backward.  It has been a time of facing my shadows, and coming out the other side, stronger and more aware than ever.  It has become the foundation for this next amazing phase of love and abundance we are about to move into and I am finally ready to embrace.

What are you embracing as we move into this next 8-year phase? Who do you want to shed, who do you want to become, what will you be sure to prioritize?  How you move in your life may not feel in your control, but it certainly can be.

Unlearning years of bullshit, whether deliberate or inadvertent, is a process, sometimes not a fun one, but one worth taking on.  For many years, I lived a “groundhog day” existence in so many ways, and because of the varied and entrenched unhelpful ways I had learned to cope with my human condition, it felt like there was no way out. It often felt hopeless.   Today, I am a different woman.  I am choosing to step into the flow and stay focused on my goal of “helping others”.  I am choosing to be seen and heard by telling my story and all that I have learned in the hopes that it will touch another soul in just the right measure to jumpstart their journey into finding the best and most essential love there is, your own.

Care to join me?  What will you manifest in this next lunar cycle?