There is something satisfying about turning the page, letting go of one month and welcoming the new. This month, it was even more profound. January closed on a Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse. The first total eclipse of a blue moon in 152 years! How’s that for a mouthful? It was an intense build-up and transition to be sure, bringing us to February, not a leap year, just a regular February. Except, it’s not…

February 2018 begins our next 18-year cycle of transformation. It is the time to dream and dream big. What do you want to create, to be, to have, to live, over the next 18-years? It is the time to plant the seeds so they can germinate, break through and flourish.

Taking a moment to reflect back to the year 2000, what did you plant that year? How did it grow during the subsequent 18 years? Did you begin in one direction and course correct midway through, did your focus or goal remain clear and come to pass, or did you abandon those early seeds and plant anew?

Do you know what you want out of these next 18 years? If it is not immediately apparent to you, take some time to find out. Find a quiet space, sage it clean, light a candle, put on your favourite soothing music, grab your crystals, diffuse your favourite essential oils, get centred, meditate, set your intention and get out your favourite notebook or pretty paper and let your thoughts flow.

Dream big, don’t censor yourself and see what comes out. Set a timer for 30 minutes and don’t stop dreaming and writing until it goes off. Don’t let your left brain control the flow, just let your imagination go. When your timer goes off, re-read what you have on the page. Reorganize it if you feel so inclined, rewrite the juicy parts, those that you know you want to make happen no matter what, and think about how the others fit into the bigger picture.

Sleep on it. Take that paper and re-read it before you go to sleep, put it under your pillow, re-read it the next morning. Did new elements come to you? Are there pieces that no longer fit? Are you ready to put your dreams into motion?

Rewrite a “good copy” and put that copy somewhere safe, yet accessible. Know that it is there, pull it out when you need a reminder of your dreams, your vision, your direction, and let those seeds take root, bust through and flourish. You are the captain of your ship and while the sea may be rough at times, you have the map, right there in your hands. Never forget that.